Amazing product descriptions are your key to sales

But we probably didn’t have to tell you that.
If you think back to any time you’ve bought a product online that you really didn’t need, we can guarantee that you will have been drawn in by a really engaging picture and then spent less than a minute reading through a description that meant you simply had to have it.

In this guide we go through how to write the most effective, maximum conversion worthy and simply amazing product descriptions. There’s no black arts involved, you already know how to do them it’s just you’ve not realised it yet.

Too many people fall into the trap of just using manufacturers descriptions, perhaps adding “we love these” or something similar at the beginning and they aren’t fooling anybody. Some even take their product descriptions straight from competitors who are ranking better than them – way to go for duplication there.

The first step to amazing product descriptions is to stop thinking of it as a description of the product at all in the literal sense. Yes that information needs to be in there but what people really want is to hear what you think the product is, why it’s part of the offering you have on your website and why you’d buy it. Because if you wouldn’t buy it from you, then why should anyone else?

A good product description needs to be at least 200 words! ideally more, I don't care if it's a wood nail or a luxury car, if you can't write that much about why people want it and why they want to buy it from you then you haven't put enough time into it.
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Alex Barrett
eCommerce expert

I know that can sometimes sound a lot for a product description, but we want the best product descriptions, really amazing and engaging ones so you’re willing to put in the effort right?
You want your products to be the highest ranking and easily read so there’s no way around that.

The key to good product descriptions is to remember that the product page isn’t just a sterile platform for people to click that “buy now” button. It’s your best chance at reinforcing your key selling points as a business, the best chance you are ever going to get to have people search your store first for products they want in future.

Using your personality, the manner of tone that you use in the rest of the store, that quirky wording that you use on your “about us” pages and shipping emails is the way to write the descriptions that your store deserves.

The rest of your store has been lovingly crafted to put across the feel of your business and how you like to work so why drop it all on the product description page? It’s not going to get in the way of a sale, it’ll be a cast iron guarantee for it!

We’ve seen stores with shocking designs and stupidly high conversion rates just because the way they put across their products is what people really engage with when it comes to making that sale.

Research your market and you’ll see that most of your competitors will be using the standard manufacturers descriptions copied and pasted.
The most effective competitors will have written their own but probably fall short on the word counts.

Take the time to sit down and think how you’d tell someone, in 30 seconds, about that product and why you chose that product for your store and that’s most the job done.

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