Additional Services

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Additional Services


Email Templates – to allow for automatic email responses where needed, in a uniform, professional looking manner.

Countdown Clock – A basic extension to highlight the time left on a selected deal or a product release. This can be placed on the front page, product page or even checkout of you want to highlight next day delivery or a free shipping promo.

Shipping Restrictions/Rates/Tables – Whether you are shipping to different shipping zones, or you want a premium shipping option. Bulky, heavy items or expensive ones that need to be recorded? All of these and more, in any combination can be combined with the write extension and know how. Don’t let this fool you though, it’s not as easy as you think once you combine 3 or more criteria!

Payment Restrictions – Some items can be against a payment gateway’s terms and conditions. For example, an airsoft gun or tobacco being purchased through PayPal is not allowed and will have your account suspended quicker than you know! You can also place restrictions in terms of minimum order amount, what payment method depending on location and many more.

Mailing list Management – Pretty self explanatory, these extensions manage your mailing lists. Be it for promotions, newsletters or customer alerts, these can make something previously laborious in to a few clicks of a button.

Promotions/Vouchers/Discount codes – Again, pretty straight forward. The adding and management of all of these, even combined of needed. There are various levels of accessibility within most extensions so for example, only somebody who spends more than a given amount can apply a repeat customer discount of a predefined percentage.

Click and collect – Add the ability to order online and collect in person. Particularly useful if you have a large, local customer base.

Email when back in stock – exactly what it says on the tin!

Other Services

We also offer other services that are more ‘backend’ and technical than to help run your store.

Magento SUPEE’s, patches and version updates – Simply put, keeping your site up to date and secure at the technical level. These all help to protect you from malicious attacks on your data, combined with the services provided by site hosting company’s.

SSL Certificates – While some eCommerce services provide you with an SSL certificate, others do not and you will have to provide one yourself. It is important to note that in 90% of cases, this is NOT optional. You will have to have one installed to protect user data and most browsers will not even allow users access to pages without one.

Stock level systems/management/ERP – These allow the tracking of stock, auto resupply, OOS notifications and are typically required for the ‘Email when back in stock’ extensions to work. These take a huge amount of work out of this side, but is also very technical to set up.

Sitemap creation/submission – This is what search engines use to get an overview of your site. Think of it as a road map leading to all destinations needed and without it, it just looks like a big mess. Once you have a correctly configured site map created and submitted, Search Engines take a lot more notice of you and let you show up in related searches. This is step 1 of SEO and essentially a must have.

And last but not least;

Responsive/Mobile friendly design and enhancement – As time goes on, things change. Screen sizes, the coding used to compile a page, almost everything will change. When this happens, to make sure you aren’t left behind, you can get an update to the design so it looks just as it should and any device with a screen. All of this is done in a responsive way, so your customer always has a great experience using you site and will keep coming back!


Why are these worth looking at? You have your site, it look’s good, it does what you want and you have the start of a business. But what about the future? Today is fine, each day is a new adventure and it can be very rewarding watching everything grow. But, as time passes, you get more and more interest. More and more traffic, orders and even overseas customers!

Now everything is starting to get a lot harder to manage. It goes from being a good days work to a hard slog. But it doesn’t have to be that that way. As your site and business grows, let the site take care of things for you! There are a vast array of services and extensions that can be added to most, if not all, eCommerce sites.

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